2021- WE MOVE

2021- WE MOVE

We all admit that 2020 was quite a year. I mean, December 2019 we were all travelling the world, meeting our friends and family to celebrate Christmas and the New Year and we certainly had no idea what awaited us in March and April of 2020. If we could have seen into the future, a lot of us would have been shocked at how much of our freedom has been compromised in the last few months.

With all that has happened, the most important thing to keep us going is to take care of our mental and physical health. It sounds cliché though, “we all want to be fit, doing this and doing that”. But with this global pandemic and major limitations on what we can and cannot do, we can only work on staying sane to be honest. 

What we at C&C loved during the worldwide lockdown was the solidarity in the world. The fun challenges and people making up, fixing their hair, even if they had nowhere to go to just to join a challenge with friends and family. This is especially the spirit we need for 2021. We all need to wake up every morning and fix up and make up even if we have nowhere to go to. Dressing up and getting your hair done and makeup done can add a whole lot of motivation to one’s day.

At C&C, we have been hammering on the same slogan since we started, “Hydrate, Moisturize, Oil, Repeat”. Neglecting your hair will only end up counterproductive to you achieving your hair goals for the year. I mean, we all want to grow our hair or at least, keep it tidy and neat and oh, moisturized. Regardless of whether there is a lock down or not, or whether we have nowhere to go or no one to meet, moisturizing and hydrating our hair should be a priority. How often is entirely up to you, but you should be at a point now where you should know when your hair needs a boost. You can keep it simple and hydrate and moisturise maybe twice a week and put the hair into a protective style, all totally up to you. Let’s not let the problems of this world sit on our joy and happiness. We should feel good about our state of mind and physical state as well.

This 2021 we MOVE, we are moving and we will MOVE. In fact we will get to wherever destination this MOVE is taking us to. We are not dwelling on the past, we are working hard at achieving our goals and are keeping our hair as priority too. Just remember these 4 words weekly, “Hydrate, Moisturise, Oil and Repeat” and once it’s done regularly, you will see some positive results with your hair. 

Happy new year and a great 2021 to you all! ❤️❤️

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