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All about winter hair care!

Posted by Ingrid Crentsil on

Winter can be a really trying time, also for your hair! The cold temperatures and spending more time indoors, results in more dryness, itchiness and peeling of both hair and skin. If your hair has dry and moisture depleted qualities in winter, these 3 tips will help you nourish your crown. The first product that should become your friend is a moisturising deep conditioner! Trust my curlfriends, this makes all the difference! A deep conditioner is always important if you have curly, coily or kinky hair types! Wish someone had given me this tip when i started my natural hair journey years ago, it would've probably saved me a whole LOT of shedding and dryness. Deep conditioning is absolutely essential in the winter time. Thicker, creamier deep conditioners usually work best! If you're someone who received the memo on how vital deep conditioners are, good on you! But also in this case, you should increase the frequency of your deep conditioning sessions. If you aren'nt experiencing any current issues with dryness, twice monthly should suffice, otherwise once a week (religiously!) is advisable. Whatever the frequency, pay attention to what your hair needs and adjust accordingly! 

The second tip to avoid winter dryness is to use a thick oil or heavy butter to seal your curls! Castor oil, or the ever loved shea butter should be your best friend. Thick oils are always great for keeping moisture locked in and this is paramount during winter.

The third and most important tip is to wear a protective style during winter! This should go without saying. Whether you put your hair into braids, twists, cornrows, locs (the choices are endless), having a style that protects your hair and in particular your ends is super important during winter! We love to see you and your curls poppin!