Wash 'N Go-101

Wash 'N Go-101

Wash 'N Go is my favourite go to hairstyle. When it comes to my hair, I keep it simple! Here are my wash 'n go steps to achieve this super cute hairstyle.

1. Shampoo and condition - In my experience, it is important to get your hair very clean, to remove all product build up from your hair to start the process.

2. Apply oil and leave- in conditioner- I seal my hair with coconut oil and use a bit  (not too much) of leave- in conditioner to add some moisture to my curls. 

3. I detangle my hair using our detangle brush, to bring out some definition!

4. Rake through your hair with your styling product- My styling product of choice is the argan oil eco-styler. It works magic for my hair. I section my hair bit by bit and apply the gel to each section from root to tip with my fingers.

You must make sure that your hair is dripping wet when you apply your styling product. I have with time learned that better results and more defined curls are achieved when the hair is very wet. 

Important: Make sure to not use too much styling product to prevent flakes when the hair dries! You want to have moisturised, not crunchy curls!


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